Introduction to Anatomy & Physiology Training

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What Will You Learn?

With so many incredible modern day advancements making our lives easier, there is something we frequently take for granted, something that is not new or technologically perfected, something simple yet complex and which we use every day without thought, our bodies. This accredited Introduction to Anatomy and Physiology Course takes you on a journey through the incredible mass of cells that is your body. From head to toe and everything in-between, you’ll discover the structures, functions, and pathologies of the various systems and organs of the body and how they work independently and as a coherent whole.

At the end of this course, students will need to complete a multiple choice assessment to check their level of understanting. Students will need to acquire 80% in order to get a certificate.

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Entry Requirements

This course has no entry requirements, however this is an incredibly comprehensive study of the human body. The Anatomy & Physiology Training can be used by those going into higher education in the fields of medicine and biology. Similarly, practitioners of complementary and alternative therapies, treatments, and medicines will be able to improve their techniques by increasing their knowledge through studying this course.

If you have ever wondered how this tool that you use every day of your life actually functions, this course has the answers. With an overview of each system of the body, in-depth breakdowns of the structures and functions of their component parts, and pathologies of each, you will understand how the body works and the problems that can occur within it.